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24 May 2024 - Spotxel® Microarray 3.2 is available for Mac computers.

10 May 2024 - Spotxel® Microarray 3.2 releases with a free graphical GAL array editor.

05 Feb 2024 - Spotxel® for microarray image analysis version 3.3 to be available in July 2024.

Sicasys is an expert in image analysis and data analysis in the field of Life Sciences, developing user-friendly software that assists the users to save time and make their discovery easily. The company has released three market-ready products:

  • PepSlide® enables an end-to-end solution for peptide microarray applications, in which the whole process from design to printing and analysis is supported.
  • Spotxel® provides microarray image and data analysis tools, supporting applications of protein-, antibody-, and DNA-microarrays. The software outperformed a market leader of microarray image analysis software on different data sets.
  • Spotxel® Reader turns the smartphone into a pocket microplate reader. The app supports microplate image capture, image analysis, assay setup, and colorimetric data analysis. It's been the first app on Apple App Store that offers such functionality.

You can refer to our customers’ testimonials for the quality of our products and service. The products’ core value is based on our advanced image analysis technology, in particularly noise processing and object detection, summarized below.

Effective noise processing based on spot morphology

The method is described in this technical article and the following YouTube video.

Powerful signal detection that works independently from shape, position, and intensity

The algorithm is detailed in this technical article and the following YouTube video.

Please feel free to explore our products and resources. If you have further questions, simply contact us.